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    Sinosky Corporation is a full service apparel manufacturer, exporter, and importer, established in Hong Kong in 1998. We offer extensive expertise in design, sourcing, production, inspection, and sales. Our clients include world recognized leading brands, private labels, as well as individual retailers. Besides importing luxury products for our local business partners, we also produce our own private labels distributing within the fashion market in China.

    We constantly upgrading our technology and expanding our scope of services. We have established offices in different cities worldwide, and joint ventured with many other manufactures in order to achieve the needs for the fast expanding fashion industry. Our objective is to focus on our clients’ needs.

     We believe in the concepts of humanized management, and brand management. We believe our success is the result of our commitment to product quality, timely delivery, the environment, and our human resources. All our products comply to reach the highest standards. Our mission is to provide the best of a one-stop shop platform, deliver the best to all of our clients.

SINOSKY LTD,All Rights Reserved  Tel:86-571-85819299   Fax:86-571-85819292   E-mail:info@sinoskycorp.com  浙ICP备05009961
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